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How does voice biometrics improved our users experience?


Banco de Chile clients are now free to forget about their PINs and passwords to access their bank accounts and log in using voice. Few seconds of speech are needed to biometrically verify identity which takes less time than entering a medium level security password.


The implementation of voice biometrics was dedicated for mobile application. Client of Banco de Chile can safely log in with their own voice via Bank’s mobile application in a quick, user-friendly way.

Customers may log in, speaking the phrase :

“Estoy registrando mi voz para utilizar mi banco”

100% comfort and safety

The process:

  • The implementation took 3 months and was dependent on working with the mobile application with whom it had to be integrated.  It was important to calibrate it well for noisy mobile environments and to provide Voice Login option to all Banco de Chile customers as a free service, allowing for identity verification in less than 5 seconds (including the time of speaking the phrase).



  • Comfort and safety for Bank customers; the mobile adaptation of services meets their needs and expectations
  • Differentiate Banco de Chile from competitors
  • The implementation directly affected the growth of mobile application downloads and the interest in Bank’s financial products
  • Exceptionally high authentication success rate was achieved