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Pitch at the Presidential Palace. “Startups in Palace” by StartupPoland.

“Startup in Palace” is a initiative of the Presidential Office and Startup Poland Foundation. To participate in the meeting signed up more than 200 young entrepreneurs who in the last five years established in Poland innovative startup.

Only 10 startups of them showed its innovative solutions, products and services.

VoicePin.com,  FlyTech UAV,  Kontakt.io,  Migam,  Nano Sanguis,  Nexbio,  Photon Entertainment,  Reality Games,  SatAgro,  Silvair.

 Three of them got “passports” from the Ministry of Development, which will enable them to take part in Web Summit. Others were given “passports” from the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, which are a prelude on board the presidential plane and means that they can take part in one of the president’s foreign trips planned for the coming year.


VoicePIN.com showed voice biometrics system, CEO Łukasz Dyląg presented possibilities of using voice biometrics in the public sector.

Bez tytułu

At the meeting were also Mateusz Morawiecki Development Minister and Minister of Digitization Anna Streżyńska. President Duda in a short speech at the end of the meeting said that presented projects demonstrates how modern technologies can facilitate and sometimes save lives:

“We have in Poland 2.5 thousand startups, more than half is already implementing international expansion. Today our task is to support them to be able to find the funds for the implementation of bold ideas and to relieve them in starting business. Startups require assistance from the state. Silicon Valley also developed thereby such assistance. Polish authorities are interested in supporting young entrepreneurs.”