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How VoicePIN changed the Bank's customers experience

One of the first voice biometrics implementation in personal mobile banking in EU.


Thousands of Smart Bank’s clients were about to forget about PINs and passwords to access their bank accounts.

  • The implementation covered business and individual customers of Bank Smart
    (FM Bank)
  • Since February 2015 they can safely log in with their own voice via dedicated mobile application
  • Individual customers log on, saying the phrase ‘Log me in to Bank Smart’,
    Business: ‘Log me in to Biz Bank’

February 2015
100% customer experience increased


  • Comfort and safety for Bank customers; the mobile adaptation of services meets their needs and expectations
  • Bank is positioning as a pioneer of innovation, the emphasis on the highest safety standards and creating positive customer experiences
  • The implementation directly affected the growth of mobile application downloads and the interest in Bank’s financial products

    The process:

  • The implementation took 3 months and was dependent on work on the mobile application with whom it had to be integrated
  • Respective application engine was installed on Client servers
  • Voice logging option is available to all Bank Smart customers for free