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VoicePIN authentication in Government Institution


VoicePIN voice verification system was purchased  by the Ministry of Finance in June 2015 – it is based on a verification of callers’ voice parameters with existing voiceprint. Customer verification takes place after the User speaks one of predefined security phrases (passwords). VoicePIN voice authorization  is designed to be available for 10 million of Polish taxpayers. The task of VoicePIN voice recognition system is to grant Taxpayers an access to a broader range of services via infoline.



How to design an automated system that allows access to personal tax & financial data 24 hours a day and is reliable and secure?

Unless other types of biometrics, VoicePIN architecture is ideal solution for large, central databases. Data transfer is fully encrypted and there is no risk of central database leakage – voiceprints stored on the server and used for biometric comparison could not be used to log in attempt, nor to reverse engineer human voice itself, which is protected by laws and regulations of most countries as sensitive personal data.

April 2015
10 mln voiceprints

The process:

Ministry of Finance purchased license for 10 million users. The goal was to authenticate Infoline callers via IVR and allow them easy access to their tax information. Quick verification improves customer experience and lowers cost of serving a taxpayer.


  • Fast and secure Taxpayer authentication without involving the Agent
  • Taxpayer Portal allows users to use services that previously were not available and increases comfort of contact with the Tax Office
  • Improvement of central database security and personal data protection