Brief provided strong muli-factor idenity authenication solution that enhanced the method of combining something you know (a PIN or password) with something that you are (your unique voice), using the mobile approach for improvement of customer expreience and safety.



The implementation covered special group of Banco Daycoval clients, focused on mobile access to the Bank’s services. They had to safely log in with their own voice via Bank’s mobile application.

Customers may log in by speaking the customized security phrase:

“Eu me autentico com a  minha voz.” – voice password for logging but also transaction authorization.

The authentication had to be quick, safe and user-friendly. As a result, even more goals were achieved (see: Benefits).

100% success

The process:

The implementation took 2 months and was dependent on work on the mobile application with whom it had to be integrated. Crucial for the project was to ensure an ability to detect replay and recording attacks. Due to accepted policy,  voice verification based log-in option is available to all Banco Daycoval customers for free: in less than 5 seconds (including time needed for speaking the passphrase) Customers may complete identity verification.



  • Greatly improved comfort and safety for Customers
  • Provide better user experience for mobile app users
  • The implementation directly affected the growth of mobile application downloads and the interest in Bank’s financial products
  • Transformation of mobile device into powerful banking tool for customers