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How does VoicePIN.com solution improved significant cost reduction?


VoicePIN Dronn is a voice virtual call centre agent that improves customer service and experience by combining ASR, TTS, semantic analysis and NLP components into a single, versatile solution. Its applications vary from automated helpdesk & infoline to making a doctor appointment or allowing for fast and easy navigation in IVR environment.



Dronn voice virtual agent for Alior Bank was customised to serve as automated debt collector, a key part of Alior  Smart Collection programme. Within a months from the deployment it proved as a reliable tool for serving debtors with reminders and obtaining declarations of repayment. The collection success rate for Dronn voice virtual agent was higher than for live agent without any limitations of a person-manned position such as shifting work efficiency and quality or time availability. It works also great in conducting marketing surveys like FATCA.

85% reduce cost of serving individual cases.

VoicePIN products’ key value is easy deployment and great flexibility which allows to focus on the given use case and its requirements. In this case it was also important to ensure full compatibility with Voice Biometrics


“Solution prepared by VoicePIN.com, thanks to full dedication of their team during deployment, integration and coding works allowed to achieve excellent results during the production period. As a result, the quality of Alior Bank services has improved greatly and significant cost reduction was achieved

Marcin Król,

Head of Project Implementation and Optimisation Team



Shortly after VoicePIN solution has been included in customer service procedures, numerous awards were won by Alior for innovative approach oriented at customer experience and usage of high-end technologies for improving the quality of their services.


VoicePIN solution deployment allowed Alior to win:

  1. Retail Banker International Awards 2016 as “Best innovation in Customer Service”
  2. BAI Global Banking Innovation 2016 as “Breakthrough innovation in Banking”
  3. Efma-Accenture Innovation Awards 2016 for “Big Data, Analytics & AI”
  4. Banking Technology Awards 2016 in London, for “Best Use of Emerging or Innovative Technology”


Voice Biometrics friendly?

Virtual Voice Agent deployment is compatible with VoicePIN Voice Biometrics technology. VoicePIN works as additional security layer and increases user experience by improving existing processes. Future plans include full integration of these systems and combining them into one, safe and user-friendly environment.