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VoicePIN.com is going global!

May 2016 was a huge date in our calendar because of opening our office in Sunnyvale, California.

Yes! VoicePIN.com did it to the USA!



Why had we decided to take this step?

We strongly believe that everyone deserves to have an easy access to our voice biometrics solution. In response to the needs of our clients and partners we decided to make a big decision and expand our company in the US market. In the future it is planned to open new branches in different areas all over the world.  It is time for voice password, which will allow the use of our acconts without any restrictions, at any time and place. Any place is the main phrase in this case. VoicePIN.com is going global!

What we were doing all this time in the USA?

Our CEO and CTO visited San Francisco to talk about voice recognition. 25th of May they were present at Plug and Play Spring Expo 2016 – FinTech, Brand&Retail, New Materials & Packaging in Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale. 27th of May we were at Keiretsu Forum meeting in Palo Alto. They also showed up in Mountain View. As you can see VoicePIN.com team is working hard to make our product TOP 1 in the world!


What makes us so special?

Our voice verification of identity allows to shorter user authentication, while increasing the level of security authorization process. Unlike a password, which can fall into the wrong hands, the voice is our unique showcase, like fingerprints or retina. Our product is distinguished by reliability and scalability. What is more our team is made up of engineers, testers, project managers, and technology enthusiasts focused on our clients needs and expectations – what we show in all our activities, such as opening new office in Silicon Valley.

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Image by © Proehl Studios/Corbis


US Office

440 N. Wolfe Rd.
Sunnyvale CA 94085, United States